The Clallam Bay-Sekiu area is the transition zone between the protected waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean. Boats of all sizes can be used to fish for the mighty Pacific halibut, several kinds of rockfish, resident “blackmouth” salmon, beautiful coho salmon, and the giant Chinook salmon. Call any of our local resorts for season and fishing license information.

Make sure to ask our members about boat rentals, fuel, marine repair, tackle, bait, moorage, licenses and fishing charters.


Planning a fishing trip to enjoy Sekiu’s World Class Fishing? Why not plan to come down for one of our derbies. Derbies take place at various times during the summer to take advantage of the different fishing seasons.

Halibut Derby

The Sekiu Halibut Derby usually takes place some time during June. The actual date depends on the days the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife puts aside for halibut fishing.

First Prize is based on weight. For the 2012 Derby, First Prize was $10/pound, with Second and Third place getting a set prize decided before the Derby


No Fin You Win

The No Fin You Win Salmon Derby takes place during September before the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife opens fishing for wild coho salmon. As the name suggests the Derby is for catching hatchery coho salmon.

This is a pot derby so the prizes are a percentage of the total money collected for derby tickets. So the more people that enter, the bigger the prize will be! Make sure you bring some friends.

For more information on upcoming fishing derbies, inquire at the Chamber of Commerce, Olson’s Resort, or Van Riper’s Resort.