The Clallam Bay – Sekiu Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit corporation. The mission shall be to promote and encourage economic development and tourism in the community, and to encourage cultural, educational and charitable events. In accordance with the Clallam Bay – Sekiu Chamber of Commerce Bylaws, any reputable person, firm, organization, association, corporation, estate, or partnership having an interest in the purposes of this corporation shall be eligible for membership upon acceptance by the General Membership and payment of dues.

Membership Benefits

Visibility The Chamber offers dozens of networking opportunities each year, including monthly lunch meetings, guest speaker meetings, the annual volunteer banquet, area festivals, and community programs. Each event is a new opportunity to cultivate new business contacts and maintain old ones.

Representation The Chamber is the recognized business voice in the community. It regularly reviews and takes positions on legislation and regulations affecting the state and local business environment. Those positions are communicated to elected officials, to the membership, and to the community through public testimony and through the Chamber’s newsletter.

Inquiries The Chamber receives thousands of inquiries each year regarding local goods and services. ONLY Chamber members in good standing are referred.

Business Directory Chamber members are listed alphabetically and by business type in the membership directory, on the website.

Website The Chamber’s website displays all members for free and offers direct links to their websites.

Community Involvement Help improve the quality of life in your community which directly relates to your business’ success.

Membership Categories

  • Sponsor
    • Contributions of $100.00 or more per year.
    • Sponsors have randomly generated links on all website pages
  • Business
    • Any business owner, designated employee or representative. Dues of $75.00 per year.
  • Individual
    • Any reputable person having an interest in the purpose of this organization. Dues of $40.00 per year.
  • Honorary
    • Guests of the Chamber of Commerce in a non- voting capacity. No yearly dues.
  • Reciprocal
    • Granted by consensus vote on a case by case basis.

Membership Guidelines

Yearly membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. Payment of dues must be current to be a member in good standing for inclusion on the Chamber Website. Members who have not paid their dues by January 31st will have their website content disabled until their dues are current.

Dues will be pro-rated monthly for new members joining during the calendar year.

Chamber membership for two unrelated businesses with the same owner, who desires Chamber benefits for both businesses, will require separate memberships for each business, with the second membership being discounted 50%.

Members are expected to accept responsibilities within the Chamber. Any Sponsor, Business or Individual membership will have a vote on Chamber issues.

The privileges of advertising a business on the Chamber web site, linking from the Chamber web site, being listed in printed Chamber materials, and advertising at the Visitor’s Center are available for Sponsor or Business memberships only.

Website Guidelines

The purpose of the Clallam Bay – Sekiu Chamber of Commerce web site is to promote the Northwest Coast of the Olympic Peninsula through featuring Chamber Member Businesses, and to provide a wide range of general information on the Clallam Bay and Sekiu communities.